Picket Layouts

There are many different styles of wood fences found in North Texas. The most important thing to consider when choosing your style is how well it blends with your house and the houses around you. You should be cognizant of any homeowners association restrictions on fence styles or types.

Board on Board (or shadow box)

This style can have the added advantage of showing two friendly sides. This type of construction does not show any light through the pickets since they are overlaid on each other. This is one of the most popular styles in North Texas.

Normally pickets overlap approximately 1" on each side. Board-on-board fences are installed for total privacy, if the pickets are overlapped any less than 1", sun cracks are very likely to occur.

Board by Board (or solid board)

This type of construction uses less wood as the pickets are placed side-by-side. This type of construction allows light through the pickets and has one friendly side and one side where the posts and runners can be seen.

This style is very common in new construction since it is easy to install and uses less wood. This style also tends to weather quickly if lower quality wood is used and it is not properly sealed.

Tongue and Groove

This style of construction joins a single row of pickets together so that light does not pass through. Different than board on board, in that the pickets are side by side but are connected with “tongue and groove” cut pickets.

This style provides a very clean and uniform look. It can be expensive to construct because of the special cut boards that must be used. Many fence builders do not offer this style of construction.

Spaced Picket

This is uncommon in North Texas and is commonly used in ornamental or garden fences. The pickets are spaced 2-3 inches apart. No privacy is provided by this fence style.