Fence Staining

The basic reason for staining a fence is to extend the life of the fence and to compliment your home. Staining is not a necessary part of fence building. It is an ongoing process that must be reapplied every few years depending on how dark the stain is. High quality cedar wood will gray without stain, but will not warp or deteriorate.

Stain is a good way to protect your investment. Unprotected wood creates ripe conditions for the growth of mildew and mold, as well as wood rot and decay caused by termites. On lower quality woods, warping and splitting can occur.

Many fence builders in the Dallas area now offer, pre-stained wood. This means that the wood is dipped in stain prior to being built. This saves the hassle of staining after the fence is already up. This also ensures that all parts of the wood are stained, not just the surface of the fence. The price is about the same as spray staining, but the same rules apply. You have to re-stain every few years.