Fence Pricing

Most contractors price fencing by the linear foot. The longer your fence is, the more it will cost. Of course there are different prices depending on the style, wood and features you choose. Most contractors will charge a flat rate for each gate that you have installed (usually $40-80 per gate). A typical residential fence in the typical Dallas area neighborhood will cost you somewhere between three to six thousand.

Use the below chart only as a guide. Each contactor prices differently so shop around and get a couple of estimates before making your final decision:

General Price Estimates for Wood Fences
  Example #1 Example #2 Example #3 Example #4 Example #5
Wood Spruce Spruce Cedar Cedar Cedar
Style B-by-Board B-on-Board B-on-Board B-on-Board T & Groove
Height 6 foot 6 foot 6 foot 8 foot 8 foot
Posts Wooden Wooden Metal Metal Wooden
Price per Foot $11-16 $15-17 $17-19 $18-20 $21-23

These price ranges are for typical fence construction only. They do not include any of the furniture like moldings or end caps.