Fence Posts

Posts are an important part of a fence. Depending on the construction of the fence, they will be visible to either you or your neighbor. Fence posts come in either wood or steel. In choosing which one to use, mostly it depends on how you like the look of each.

Generally speaking steel holds up a little better, but if a high grade sealed cedar is used, the difference is negligible. In fact, if a low gauge steel is used (lower than 0.95), steel posts can bend under strong winds. Use the below chart to determine minimum construction standards:

Construction Standards for Wood Fences:
Post Depth Post Distance Runners
4 Foot Fence 2.0 feet 8.0 feet 3
6 Foot Fence 2.5 feet 6.0 feet 3
8 Foot Fence 3.0 feet 6.0 feet 4
Wooden posts
Steel posts