The materials and methods used during the construction of your fence depend completely on the contractor that you choose. Some contractors use certain materials to control costs, and some will not compromise quality. Each have their own methods and materials, and while some are not important, here are a few that are:


While the brand of concrete is less important, the way it is used is. Be weary of any contractor that fills the post holes with dry concrete and then adds water. Or does not add water and says that the moisture from the ground will harden the concrete.

The best way of setting posts in the ground is to pre-mix the concrete with water, set the post level and fill up the hole. It is always a good idea to make sure there are no air pockets, so the integrity of the hole is not compromised.

Fence Runners (or framing)

The framing of a fence is made up of the horizontal boards between the posts that the pickets will be attached to. Whether you are using steel or wood posts, the runners will always be wood. Make sure pressure treated wood is not used, since it tends to warp over time. The runners, in fact should be of the same wood type and grade that the pickets are and should be either 2x3 or 2x4.


The only major hardware that is used in fence construction is the fasteners (nails or screws), brackets for steel posts, and the gate hardware (hinges and latches).


When given the option for nails or screws, screws will last longer but cost more. Nails provide for quick construction but may come loose with wear and tear. For best construction, make sure ceramic coated screws are used.


The brackets that are used when steel posts are constructed should be of the same grade that the posts are. Nuts and bolts will be used to fasten the brackets from the posts to the runners.

standard metal fence bracket closeupstandard metal fence bracket closeup
Standard metal fence bracket closeup.
standard metal fence bracketstandard metal fence bracket
standard metal fence bracket.
standard metal fence bracket closeup on cedar runnerstandard metal fence bracket on cedar runner
Standard metal fence bracket on cedar runner.
standard metal fence bracket closeup on cedar runnerbracket

Gate Hardware

This should be high quality and easy to use since you will use it every time you open or close your gate. You should choose your hardware with consideration on whether you want to lock your gate, or if you have children that you don't want to easily open the gate.

Fence Post Caps

Post caps are used to add a finishing touch to a project. Be careful that the caps match your fence though.