Board Cuts

The cut of the board depends largely on the picket layout. If you have chosen a board-on-board, you wouldn’t want to choose a board cut that eliminates the privacy benefits that are provided. A standard cut board should be used in this application. For board-by-board construction, a wide variety of cuts may be available to choose from. Keep in mind that your fence should blend with your home, and the cut of the board makes a large difference in how a fence will ultimately look. Here are a few examples.

      Dog Eared                 Standard                     Gothic                    Stockade

standard, gothic, dog eared, stockade
Standard Cut

This cut is typically used in board-on-board projects since the top will normally be capped and any decorative cut will be covered up.

Unstained standard board fence, uneven picketsUnstained standard board fence, uneven pickets
Uneven plank standard board
standard cut cedar fence with capstandard cut cedar fence with cap
Standard board stairstep with cap.
standard cut board fencestandard cut board fence
Standard cut board fence
standard cut board fencestandard board fence
Standard board fence
Dog Eared

These cuts are typically used in board-by-board projects since it breaks up the top of the fence line and is inexpensive. It adds some depth to an otherwise flat display of wood. Usually a contractor will offer one or the other, since they are similar.

unstained dog eared fenceunstained dog eared fence
Board by board dog eared cedar fence.
dog eared fence with wood posts and capsdog eared fence with wood posts and caps
Board by board dog eared fence with post caps
poorly constructed cedar fence with dog eared boardspoorly constructed cedar fence with dog eared boards
Unfinished cedar with dog eared boards
dog eared fencedog eared fence
Dog-eared board fence
Gothic (French Gothic)

This is a very distinctive style of fence and is a slightly less popular choice in North Texas. This is used on board-by-board construction without a cap or spaced picket ornamental fences.

spruce gothic cut fencespruce gothic cut fence
Board by Board Dog eared Cedar Fence.
spaced picket gothic cut fencespaced picket gothic cut fence
Board by Board Dog eared Fence with Post Caps.
board by board gothic cut fenceboard by board gothic cut fence
Unfinished Cedar with Dog Eared Boards.
white painted gothic spaced picketwhite painted gothic spaced picket
Simply beautiful.
Stockade (Gothic)

This style is also not as popular as standard or dog eared cut.  The pickets are usually thinner than standard cut boards.  This is used on board-by-board construction without a cap or spaced picket ornamental fences.  It can be found in new construction fences more often than replacement projects.

stockade cut fence panelstockade cut fence panel
Section of stockade cut pickets
Cedar stockade fence with wood postsCedar stockade fence with wood posts
Board by board stockade
stockade fence with wood poststest
Cedar stockade fence
Stockade picket fenceStockade picket fence
Stockade picket fence